Northwave Extreme GT Shoe - Wielerschoenen

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Maatvoering: 40 / 40 / 44 / 42 / 45 / 43 / 47 / 46 / 41 
Kleuren: wit / wit / zwart 
Fabrikant: Northwave 
EAN-codes: 8030819022599 | 8030819022667 | 8030819010244 | 8030819022681 | 8030819022643 | 8030819022711 | 8030819022704 | 8030819022612 
Categorie: racefiets schoenen 

The Northwave Extreme GT road shoes are based on the popular race shoe, the Northwave Extreme. The Morph Carbon 12 AAS sole with a full-carbon insert in the pedal area has a stiffness index of 12.0 which is slightly less than the original Extreme so you get more comfort over longer distances whilst still benefitting from effective power transfer. Northwave's patented Xframe® construction uses ultra light materials and distributes pressure evenly across the foot so when you're pushing your limits you're not going to be distracted by pinching shoes. The exclusive SLW2 dial allows easy micro-adjustment on-the-fly so you can be ready for that final sprint.  If you are a road cyclist who looks forward to those long distance challenges, the Northwave Extreme GT will deliver all-day comfort and performance. SLW2 Closure System - Maximum precision and usability- the side button offers dual functionality: press the button for micro-metric release, or lift the button to instantly undo the shoe completely. The ergonomic shape of the ratchet base matches the shape of the foot for added comfort, while the size and minimised weight plus the outer soft-touch covering make it easier and better to grip. It features wires that harness the best technologies used in sailing and can be easily replaced using the spare parts kit. Speedplay Adapter (available separately) - Providing the shortest distance between foot and pedal on the market. Northwave developed and patented, in collaboration with Speedplay, an exclusive adaptor that provides maximum power transmission on pedals, thanks to the reduced thickness of just 0.5 mm rather the 3 mm of the traditional Speedplay adaptors. Made of nylon with a thin aluminium plate (it saves 8.5 gr) it respects the natural anatomy of the sole keeping a minimum distance between the foot and the pedal in any position.

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