Northwave Acqua overschoenen (zomer) - Overschoenen

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Maatvoering: S / S / M 
Kleuren: geel / geel 
Fabrikant: Northwave 
EAN-codes: 8030819841114 | 8030819841121 
Categorie: fietsoverschoenen 

PU material Polyester material coated with a thin film of polyurethane that offers excellent protection against the weather. Easy to clean and quick drying. The right trick! How to fit your shoecover properly... 1. First wear the shoecover carefully sliding it on the leg. Then put on the shoe 2. Using the eyelet, make sure to keep the zip taut for an easier closing 3. Cover the tip of the shoe by wrapping it with the shoecover CAUTION: Failing to follow these procedures may tear the shoecover.

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