Sidi Women's Trace MTB Shoes - EU 36

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If tackling rugged terrain is how you get your kicks then the Sidi Trace MTB Shoes are the ideal companion for exploring the great outdoors. Constructed from politex material, overlapping layers offer durability so you can put the shoes through thick and thin with each ride. Built to maintain their colour, strong resistance to fading, stretching and laceration also make the Trace MTB a popular choice. Tailored Fit Crafted from material that makes them entirely green, these environmentally friendly shoes offer a woman’s specific fit, mimicking the more tapered shaping of the female foot for added comfort. Deploying less volume on the instep area, Sidi have reduced the size of their heel cup while also making the Trace MTB Women’s Shoes shorter across the ball of the foot.  As you slide your shoes on, the heel further benefits from reinforcement to keep you in an optimal position for enhanced performance. Easily Adjusted Fitted with a soft instep closure system, the shoes offer a wide, anatomically curved strap that spreads pressure across different areas to ensure comfort is at a premium. With no high instep extender required, the system can be adjusted from both sides and also works alongside Sidi’s techno-3 system. With a dial secured along the length of the shoes, you can effortlessly tighten or loosen your footwear while never losing focus on the path ahead. Allowing for a customised fit, these help the Trace MTB Women’s Shoes be completely non-binding thanks to the wire material working in conjunction with the techno-3 system. Suola MTB RS17 A new improvement to the Sidi range, the lighter Sidi MTB sole is made of nylon and polyurethane inserts to offer their best performing sole yet. Specifically designed for those who love mountain biking, you can benefit from enhanced grip and stability. Should the toe become subject to wear, it can easily be replaced by screws and traction when tackling muddy ground is now provided. The SR17, for those who love to take their adventure off road, is the perfect sole to aid stiffness for pedalling.

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